Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Peekaboo.......I'm back after having had a few computer glitches. Won't bore you all with the details but it's safe to say that there was much angst at the thought of losing precious images from my computer. Fortunately the problem lay not with my computer but my internet provider. Not that they notified me in anyway about it, I found out because my friend has the same provider and she also has her phoneline with them. It did frighten me enough to make me more careful about having everything backed up on discs and looking into buying an external drive to store  my photos in....I know I can hear you all saying you should already be doing that.
In the past being unable to get online would have had me doing handstands, but it was only the fear off losing my photos that had me in a tizzy. It almost felt like, and your going to laugh at this, having an excuse not to go online, forget all about Facebook, Twitter blah de dah de dah and do OTHER things. Maybe just maybe after sixteen plus years I've finally become unprogrammed....smile! Early days off course, we are still in summer, where the outdoor beckons and I could still be tantalised back when the days shorten. But for now I shall try and keep it to a daily blog post......SMILE!



Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I have one external hard drive filled and another I need to plug in and transfer files to. My biggest fear is losing my files/photos also!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Photos are such precious things Gail. I lost all my early photos of Joshua anD Spike on my first computer....really upsetting :(