Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Work in progress....a bonnie foal

Roughed in study of a stunning foal born this year at Rosalyn Serex's Solaris Sport Horses Balhaldie Farm. A friend on facebook, Ros, her husband and family breed the most stunning foals. Each years foals seem to surpass the last. This year is no difference and this stunning black colt with four white socks ( now named Just Jet SSH) has stood out from the moment I first saw his photos. Many thanks to Ros for allowing me to work from her images.
I suppose you could call this a re-cycled painting as it was originally a wee landscape. One of those that there was something not quite right about it. So, it found itself in the pile of discarded painting's destined to be gessoed and painted over. Waste not want!
I'm also playing nurse at the moment to wee Buddy who was at the vet yesterday. Nothing serious, well as a female I would probably say that...snip, snip and it was all over ;)