Saturday, 29 November 2014

"A Kind Face" Oil 6" x 6"

"A Kind Face"
Oil 6" x 6"

Well that was a long break, did anyone miss me? Well I know Janice a lovely lady from Canada who follows my blog did. She sent me a very nice email concerned that everything was ok with me and it was much appreciated (just got it Janice and will reply asap). Always heart warming to know your missed. Nothing too dramatic just an internet connection that got steadily worse until I had none at all. After getting next to no help from my internet provider I decided to kick them into touch and move to another. It was such a relief to set up the kit yesterday a see a steady light meaning all was OK!
But in a sense it wasn't ok, over the last few weeks it has started to sink in just how much faith we have come to put in computers. We have reached a stage where it seems to me we can't do a whole lot without them. In fact as a recall during the summer when my car went for it's service. I sat in the customer area watching as it was plugged into a computer and the mechanic sifted through the diagnostics. I can't help but think of my Dad who had been a skilled mechanic and could literally tell you what was wrong just by listening! I'm also aware that I wouldn't be able to sit here typing out my blog post and sending it out into the world if it weren't for the power of the internet. I just worry that we have progressed to soon and one of these days we are going to regret that big time.
Enough of my soap box rants and back to my art. Was really pleased with how this wee painting "A Kind Face" turned out. Had been struggling with a few landscapes I was working on which always get's me down. That feeling of, I've lost it, I'm never going to be able to paint again starts to creep in. Horses are usually my rescue...not always mind you, some of them have been dire. But, right from the quick pencil sketch, I had that feeling all would be well, and it was....hope you like it :)
From a glad to be back blogging scottish!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth.....just so you know- Yes! I did miss you! I even mentioned it to my husband that I had not heard anything from you and hoped all was well. Love the new horse painting as usual, do love the eyes especially! Thanks, Judy Felice, Burnsville, Minnesota

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Judy it's so nice to know that I was missed. Glad you like the new horse painting I have a fondness for this one myself. Must say I also missed keeping in touch through my blog. It has always given me great pleasure to share my paintings, photos and thoughts :)