Sunday, 15 February 2015


Sometimes the art won't come and sometimes the words won't either. That's how it's been for these last couple of weeks. My neighbour and friend passed away on the 5th after a long and hard battle with cancer. Even though it was always expected you are never really prepared. A warm and generous lady we both shared a love of our gardens. As Spring is only around the corner I'm going to be a little sad she won't be around to see the bulbs she planted. But if there is such a place as heaven then you can bet Helen will have covered in flowers in no time.
Below are some photos I shared on Facebook on Friday as a memorial to Helen....

...Thus in each flower and simple bell,
That in our path untrodden lie,
Are sweet remembrancers who tell
How fast the winged moments fly.
Time will steal on with ceaseless pace,
Yet lose we not the fleeting hours,
Who still their fairy footsteps trace,
As light they dance among the flowers.
~Charlotte Turner Smith


Judy Wood said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Your photos today are a beautiful tribute to the things she loved.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for your kind words Judy, she will be a sad loss indeed to her family and friends. I was lifted also this morning by a comment left by one of the followers to my facebook art page. She said that gardners never really die they lie on in their!