Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Monday

Turned out a lovely Easter Monday, eventually! Was almost noon before the mornings heavy fog started to disperse, leaving us basking in glorious sunshine. Time to start waking the garden for the coming season. Had a wee tidy cutting of the mops from last years hydrangea blooms. I like to leave them on through the winter months as they can look quite stunning when covered it frost. The buds of new leaves are fairly starting to open, so off they had to come. As you can see one of the faeries look a little worst for wear, think she's been at the elderberry wine again. Buddy was on post as he could here a rattle from ladders from one of the other gardens. He asscociates ladders with window cleaners...who he and Lilly aren't overly fond
For those who follow the blog and are on Facebook I've started a new page on facebook  called Need A Smile  It takes the form of a blog and like I've done on here I share my photos, some quotes and thoughts. Somewhere to find a cheery thought or photo to hopefully brighten your day...I'd be delighted if you joined!

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