Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Study of Galileo - Hubert de Watrigant

Study of Galileo - Hubert de Watrigant
A beautiful eye study of  the Coolmore stallion and winner of the 2001 Epsom and Irish Derby's Galileo. As you will know by now eye's are a subject that I love doing. Once the eye is there in a portrait everything else just seems to fall into place and the character of whoever you're painting shines through. This one is by the French master Hubert de Watrigant.
I'm almost frightened to say but it looks a little bit more summery (is that a word) today. Well we have some sunshine and in this neck of the woods that goes a long way to being Summer. In fact as I sit typing this I can here the humming of my neighbours lawnmower. Cut your grass when the sun shines has almost the same importance of making hay when the sunshines in our changeable climate.
Thanks for popping by, I hope your enjoying the paintings I've been sharing :)


John Simlett said...

How I like this one, wow!

I tend to favour realism, but this one incorporates realism and much more.

thanks for sharing

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Your welcome John, I love this one too, the eye is so good :)