Saturday, 18 July 2015

Beginnings of a doodle...Sleepy

After running around yesterday delivering paintings, it was just nice to sit down this morning with a pencil and sketch book. I had forgot how relaxing it could be until doing the doodle the other day of Samson the old rook. So, this morning I thought I'd go back to my artistic roots, drawing a horse. Took photos of this lovely mare a few years back when she and her pal were holidaying at a nearby farm. It was a lovely sunny day (we do occassionally get them in Scotland) and she and her buddy were chilling out having a snooze. Love the relaxed feel of her ears and the drowsy eye. Racing stopped play here, unlike further North, where a wee bit wind has stopped a bunch of safties from playing golf. There was me thinking that was what the challenge of a Links course was all about!
Might get back to this later this evening, but in the meantime have a great weekend, smile!

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