Wednesday, 19 August 2015

15 - wip foal study continues slowly

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Not a lot done today because I got interrupted this morning with the guys coming to clear the guttering. Then off course I had to watch the match race that never was from sunny York. Disappointed of course that the main man Gleneagles had been taken out because of the going. But, as with all good stories the heroine stepped in to save the day. Teeny weeny African Queen held off the challenge of the unbeaten Golden Horn with a very gutsy performance. I did feel a little sorry for Golden Horn and his connections but the thing about horse racing is anything can happen if you dream big and today it paid off, smile!!
( With thanks to Rosalyn Serex )for allowing me to use her photographs)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yep anything can happen in horse racing. I saw many races when I worked at a horse racing betting booth. Was never boring watching the races, especially when the underdog came first out of no where :) (the accidents were not nice tho :( )

Great colour to your foal :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jennifer she's a very pretty and elegant filly. Here's hoping I manage to carry it off. Had a total brain freeze yesterday and missed a day's painting...not going to beat myself up about :)