Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bigger spaces in between...

"A Hint of Autumn, the Pond, Rozelle" 
12" x 12" acrylic - work in progress

Been quite a while since my last post and where do I start. My lovely seven years young Packard Bell laptop suddenly and without any warning decided it didn't want to play any more. And, on the 28th October it ground to a resounding halt never to start again. I have to say up until that moment it was a great wee machine and we had many good times together. Unfortunately it's hell bent on keeping some of those secrets and refuses to give up the contents of it's hard drive. Hundreds of images locked out of reach. Hopefully or should that be wistfully, Joe at PC World will eventually manage to get it to spit them out. It has certainly given me food for thought as it's not the first time I've lost precious images. While taking some of the blame I really should have had a external hard drive connected. Something you can guarantee will be happening asap.
It also made me think, and not for the first time, of the amount time I've spent on a computer. It's just something over the years that I've just got used to and has become part of the daily routine. I've enjoyed meeting folk online, some that I would most likely never have met if it hadn't been invented. But something has changed this past year. Even before the last drama with my laptop there have been niggles of time wasted that could be spent elsewhere. Perhaps it's a milestone age arriving next year that has triggered this feeling of wanting to turn back time. Not to my youth mind you, nothing silly like that, just to do things a little slower. To savour each painting I do so that Daily Painting means I've spent time at the easel and not that I've rattled a 6" x 6" off in a day. To sketch read, art books and magazines instead of facebook newsfeeds, to feel like an artist again. It doesn't mean I'll disappear never to be heard of again, I will pop into facebook and I'll still share my blog, just bigger spaces in between...smile!


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