Thursday, 17 December 2015

Just one of those days...

Ok was so looking forward to today. I toddled off down to Prestwick with hope in my heart that my photos would be recovered. Unfortunately I'm no further forward as Joe who is taking to do with it was off. The girl that was there had a look at the memory stick and although there are quite a lot of photos, she says there are some that when you click on them won't open. She didn't want to give the stick to me until Joe had ok'd it. So rather deflated I made my way home. On the by-pass the low in fuel light came on. I normally get my petrol at Morrison's but pulled into Asda as it was closer. It's about here that everything really started to go pear shaped. I'm a creature of habit, I hate change, in Morrison's I put the fuel in the car and pay the girl behind the counter, easy peasy. Asda, went to put fuel in, I discovered too late I was in the pay by credit card lane. Never having used it before I glance over the facing of the pump and duly put my card in where it said pay by credit card. That's when everything got really complicated I lifted the nozzle and went to put in it the car but the stupid machine kept buzzing that I had to replace the nozzle. Off course says I to myself I'll have to put my pin number in first. Odd I thought theres no numbers. Thats when I noticed it also said pay here on the facing next to it and it had a keypad with numbers on it. I had pushed my card into the slot where the receipt for your fuel comes out. I made myself very popular when they had to dismantled the front of the pump to get my card back out and then when they put it back together it wouldn't load the paper for the receipts so they had to shut it down. I don't think I'm going to be welcome back at Asda anytime soon and some would say I shouldn't be let out alone :)

Sorry not quite sure why it copied like what a day!

...mind you there's alway's someone having a worse day than you!

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