Friday, 29 January 2016

"Path Through the Trees" Acrylic 8" x 8"

"Path Through the Trees"
Acrylic 8" x 8"
Donated to the " Little Paintings Make Hansel Grow" Exibition

Started this one yesterday but held off posting because of the working in progress curse. I know silly, but it honestly exists. I've lost count of the number of wip posts I've put on here that have gone belly up. Happy to say this one has past muster and will soon be heading off to the Little Painting's Make Hansel Grow Exhibition.
Meanwhile weather wise it's still raining and has been joined by it's good friend the wind. Not my best friend after many escapades with it at the top of Busbiehill, trying to keep the stable roofs from taking off. I thought I was past that kind off excitement, that is until this morning. I was putting mine and my neighbours bin's out to the front of the house for the garbage collector's to pick up. Took mine out without a hitch but as I got to the end of the house with my neighbour's a huge gust of wind caught us and the lid of the bin shot up and crack me on the head. Did I course not, I was too busy counting the bluebirds that were singing in my head. Still managed to finish the painting so must not have  done too much damage, though I did notice some bruising starting to come out!
Hope you are rain and wind free where ever your reading this from and thanks for dropping in.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ow! the bin lids can pack a punch

very nice painting :) I post WIPs all the time that I never end up finishing lol

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Bin lids are lethal could have been worse I had my head down at the time, if it had been up I'd have a cauliflower nose by now lol
Thanks about the painting see that's what I mean by wip's they are cursed...