Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pretty as a picture...

The top two photos greeted me on Saturday morning when I opened the blinds. I had half thought the snow that had fallen on Friday would have disappeared. It hadn't, in fact temperatures had dropped below zero through the night and everything was set. My wee feathered friends were delighted to see me. Even though I had filled their nut holders they were looking for bread and more importantly needed the water in the bird baths de-frosted. Buddy as you can see was enjoying the winter wonderland but the novelty had already fallen from Lilly. A quick pee and she was back inside at the fire.
Today we were back to normal pouring rain but tomorrow is supposed to be a bit brighter. Here's hoping cos the Christmas show at the Torrance Gallery has finished and I'll be off to Edinburgh tomorrow first thing.
Doodled a bit on the drawing today but mostly just sat back and relaxed. A busy time ahead to organize. Have to decide on which paintings will be going to a new venue I've been asked to. It's a charity exhibition called "Art With A Heart" and will be held at the Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick which organize's holidays for young people (and their families) with cancer. Then I need new work for the Aberfeldy Gallery and the Framework Gallery plus plan some commission work. It's all systems go, so keep popping in and stay abreast of what's happening. Thank's for!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the weather people keep says its going to snow here, but nothing yet :/ liars! :p

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Liar liar pant's on fire....those weather folk are just pesky scoundrels!