Friday, 8 January 2016

Snow day and drawing an old friend...

Friday is supermarket shopping day and today at the checkout the girl was making conversation about the weather. "It's very cold out today", she said, to which I replied "it is, cold enough to snow". We both agreed it would be a welcome change from rain, I packed up my purchases, paid and headed for the car. Got home unpacked my purchases and made lunch, by this time it had started to get really dull and I actually had to switch a couple of lamps on. Lunch was eaten and I stood up to clear the dishes when I glanced out the window. I couldn't believe it but finally we were blanketed with the white stuff. Not a lot, but big saucer flakes and it was lying on the grass and garden. So off course I had to take some photos, not brilliant as the light, well it wasn't very light but snow always manages to make a dull winter garden look pretty.
Spent sometime in the studio after I came back in, having another attempt at drawing. In celebration of the grey/white day I started a drawing of an old friend. Now sadly gone, but never forgotten, haven't made a very good job of his ear but that aside I'm pretty happy with how it's looking.
As I type this the snow is still here as the temperature has dropped to freezing. With any luck it might still be there tomorrow and the sun will have popped in for a glitter party.
Hot water bag is toasting my bed so I'll bid you all a!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

no snow here :( just more rain :/

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Back to rain today :(