Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Wee Splash of Colour...

After what seems an eternity the dogs and I ventured out for a proper walk this morning. The sun was out, sort of, more a glare I think. Coming to the end of February but there isn't much sign of Spring springing out anytime soon. That said everything can start sprouting forth in the blink of an eye. Some photos picking up what colour I could find. Is it my eyes or is the old rail bridge dipping a little in the middle. A pretty wee coal tit that was singing it's heart out for anyone that would listen but sadly, unbelieveably he was the only bird I actually saw on my walk. A pretty starling showing of it's green breast in the garden and the only sign of Spring my first group of Daffodils braving the cold wind. Lastly we have Lilly wearing her serious face lol. I had planned too start my garden tidy up but the planning stage was as far as it got...might be warmer!

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