Thursday, 3 March 2016

First day back in the Garden...

Local council collect the first brown bin of the year tomorrow which gathers the garden waste for re-cycling. So, today as it was sunny but still a chill in the air I got started snipping and gathering up stuff for the bin. Lilly and Buddy were a great help, guarding the gate in case someone should come and attack me, any excuse to bark. The birds all headed for the trees and the big privet hedge. As the season goes on and they get used to me again they pay me no heed and continue feeding at the bird station. Mind you I did notice the Sparrowhawk just before I went out he/she was unlucky in their sweep. This could also have been the reason for the nervy wee birds. Feel quite relaxed now, garden does that to you.
Was well pleased with my photo of the teeny wee blue tit, normally  just a blurrrrr!

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