Sunday, 3 April 2016

Facelift - "Buttercups, Daisies and Moo" Acrylic 10" x 12"

"Buttercups, Daisies and Moo"
Acrylic 10" x 12"

At the beginning of March while having a tidy in the studio (moving one pile of treasure across to join another pile) I found this sleepy guy above. I really intended just to gesso over him and start something else but I started to footer about with the greens, liked what I saw and put it aside for a rainy day. Well as would have it this morning was that rainy day, for once I was glad of some rain. A  wee tweak here and there adding more blue and red to the green, Putting stronger shadows on the wee moo and a smattering of buttercups and daisies and voila a much better painting me thinks...


Albert Decker said...

More space and feeling of life in the final version. Nice save.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Albert was pleased with how it turned out :)