Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In the Garden

With it being such a lovely day, there was only ever going to be once place I would be in this afternoon, the garden. To be honest, apart from it being wet I could pretty much enjoy being in the garden at anytime. I have a little corner at the top of the garden that I just let go wild. Mostly because it's difficult to dig because of all the tree roots. But, it's really getting a bit too wild so I decided to make a start at opening some of it up. Bravely without any gloves I made a start to cut off the lower branches of the very pretty but evil Berberis. I'm not joking when I say she is evil some of her thorns are over an inch long, and I swear she makes a grab for you as you walk past. The good weather though had brought the goodness out in her and I never as much as got a scratch. Probably doesn't look as if I've taken much in the photo but I also removed some Aquilegia. Although it's really pretty it self seeds and takes over. The lovely yellow privet can now been seen in all it's glory.
Sitting on my new summer seat having a cup of tea and a some shortbread I couldn't resist taking a photo of the golden one's face, staring at me, willing me to drop the shortbread, honest I did give him a bit. The birds all started to come back out of their hidey holes and back to the bird station. Mostly sparrows and starlings, the jackdaws and rooks wait until I leave before they settle down. A pretty moon and a gorgeous sunset was a perfect end to a lovely day.
Hope your day was just as!

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