Monday, 10 October 2016

Glorious morning...

You couldn't have got a more glorious morning than this morning. Sun was shining but there is definately a real nip in the air. The glorious colours are really starting to come out in the trees and the undergrowth, with a smattering of leaves starting to fall. I almost didn't bring my trusty digital sketchbook with me this morning. Once in a while I leave it at home which pleases the dogs, they aren't overly fond of the stopping and starting when something catches my eye. Thought it was quite appropriate that today of all days I should finally manage to get a half decent photo of the Canadian Geese, it being Thanksgiving in Canada. If you click on the the second from bottom photo and look at the top left hand corner you'll just be able to make out the new build that's going on. They are building four houses on the piece of land and when my ticket comes up on the Euro Millions I'll be putting my name on that one nearest. The view will be to die!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Camouflage Cat

The other morning while washing the breakfast dishes a slight movement to my right caught my eye. Instinctively as you do I turned to look, at first I didn't see him/her until he/she turned to face me. The green almond shaped eyes looked straight at me. Cat's are amazing, how on earth it can sit comfortably on a tiny strip of fence I have no idea. I immediately became of no interest as it continued it's look for a slight movement that would give away either a mouse or bird in the shrubs. By the time I had turned to sit the camera back on the table and turned back it was gone, hopefully without one of my wee bird friends.