Thursday, 17 November 2016

"Snow Gate" Acrylic 8" x 10"

"Snow Gate"
Acrylic 8" x 10"

Have to say one of my favourite thing's is waking on a winter's morning to a fresh fall of snow. Climate change's make those kind of occurrences few and far between now. But, being of a certain age I can remember a time when the fields at least were covered with the white stuff for most of the winter month's. The reference for this painting takes me back to 2010 when we had quite a serious whiteout and for the first time I can remember even the beach at Barassie froze. If you don't believe me I have photographic proof lol. This is the gate at the top of Busbiehill where I kept Rio, Tara and Dougal. It was one of those kind of hill's in this kind of weather where you only got one chance of getting it right in the car. If you changed gear you were doing a less than graceful swan lake all the way back to the bottom and only if you were lucky, not to land in the ditch. Most of the time I just walked it and that year it felt like living in Narnia. Looking at the rain running down the window those days seem a life time away but the beauty in painting means you can bring whatever month you want into the studio. I'm off now for a wee cup of tea and some shortbread. I hope where ever you are, whatever the weather, your enjoying your day.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

2010 was a bad winter. I missed a lot of time from college due to the snow. We live pretty high so tend to get slammed when it snows normally elsewhere

I love snow but this country, at least around here shuts down when there is more than an inch, I found it really odd when I first got here. Def starting to get colder here, -2 last time I looked brrr :p

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

sorry for the delay in answering I thought I had already posted a reply but just noticed this morning I hadn't. Old age doesn't come it's self. It was a bad winter I remember everything grinding to a halt around my wee village and having to actually walk through the fields to get to the horses because you couldn't even walk on the roads for sheet ice.