Thursday, 29 December 2016


Only two days to go until we are into a brand new year, the consensus seems to be here's hoping it's better than 2016. I could certainly go with that. I'm really not one for making resolutions but I had a flick through a sketchpad this evening and one thing I want to do more this coming year is draw/sketch. Most of the stuff in the pad was pretty grim but I really like this study I attempted of Samson, the Rook who visited my garden for many years until he passed in 2015. It's pretty rough but there's also a softness about it. He was a sweet old guy and was at the stage in his life where he looked a little ragged round the edges. I might even get this one framed up as a keepsake.
Well there is a lovely cup of coffee downstairs with my name on it, and a couple of pieces of shortbread, Night all.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sad Day

Me being flowergirl at Aunt and Uncles wedding...

Sad news this morning (26th) when the phone rung, normally I let it go to the answer machine to avoid having to get stroppy with nuisance callers. But, that sixth sense that we all seem to develop for family and friends in trouble kicked in and I answered it. My Uncle Joe had been in hospital, I had visited him on Thursday passed and even to my untrained in medicine eye, I knew he wouldn't be coming back to the home he had once shared with my Aunt Jenny. As some of you who follow my blog will know Auntie left us in October 2015 after a short but awful fight with cancer. Cancer of a different kind had ate at Uncle before and since then and cousin Jim was phoning to tell me that early this morning his big heart had stopped. Sad though I am, I'm so glad that his pain is over and he will be at peace hopefully reunited with my Aunt.
He and my Aunt were very good to me and my brother Steven after my Dad died. It was difficult caring for both Mum who had Alzheimer's and Steven who is severely handicapped but they kindly helped lighten the load. Uncle loved helping me in the garden and often took Steven to watch his beloved Knockentiber Amateurs play.
Instead of tears I will remember them both with fun, lots of smiles and much laughter. I will finish with a story that my Dad used to love telling us. When Mum and Dad first got married they lived with my Mum's Aunt Nan who lived in Crosshouse. After a wee while the council offered them a flat in an upstairs, downstairs house in Knockentiber. Being just starting out they didn't have much in the way of furniture so my Gran offered them a wardrobe. Dad and Uncle Joe decided to carry the wardrobe all the way from Gran's in Crosshouse to Knockentiber. Theres rather a steep brae to contend with and when they had got themselves and the wardrobe to the top they needed a rest. In the distance they could see a woman coming so daft idiots that they were they both hid in the wardrobe and waited till this poor soul was passing. They then proceeded to chap on the doors of the wardrobe shouting "Let me out, let me out". When they got out this poor wee woman was running down the hill as fast as her legs would carry her. So, now you know where my madness comes!
Love and miss you forever Uncle xxxx  

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Looking at the calendar today I discovered that in just over two weeks we will be into a brand new year. With all the crazy stuff that's going on in the world at the moment it can't come quick enough. Though I guess in all honesty having 2017 on the date won't I expect make the doom and gloom disappear, but we can hope. I spent part of today looking for suitably snowy or festive photographs  to send you all my personal good wishes for Christmas and the New Year. I had actually intended a nice snowy one but then I noticed this wee guy. Next to Santa's red suit you can't get more Christmassy than a wee robin redbreast.
Christmas always seems better as a memory to me now, I have wonderful memories as a child when my Gran and Papa, Aunt and Uncle and cousins would come for Christmas dinner to our house and in the New Year we all converged at Gran and Papa's house in Crosshouse for New Year dinner. Steak pie with tatties and turnip. The steak pie was made up by the Co-op butcher in gran's ashet that  was left with him and picked up on New Year's Eve. All the grown up's sat around the table in the living room and we kids were set up in the kitchen. Good day's.
Now I'm more likely to catch up with the ever growing pile of books and magazines I've been buying and eat food that's too rich for my now sensitive digestive system but Hey Ho it's only twice a!
I hope you and yours have a wonderfully peaceful Christmas and New Year xx