Thursday, 29 December 2016


Only two days to go until we are into a brand new year, the consensus seems to be here's hoping it's better than 2016. I could certainly go with that. I'm really not one for making resolutions but I had a flick through a sketchpad this evening and one thing I want to do more this coming year is draw/sketch. Most of the stuff in the pad was pretty grim but I really like this study I attempted of Samson, the Rook who visited my garden for many years until he passed in 2015. It's pretty rough but there's also a softness about it. He was a sweet old guy and was at the stage in his life where he looked a little ragged round the edges. I might even get this one framed up as a keepsake.
Well there is a lovely cup of coffee downstairs with my name on it, and a couple of pieces of shortbread, Night all.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

It is a nice sketch, looks like it capture his look you describe pretty well :)

I'm not making any resolutions, don't have time to lol

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jennifer :)