Sunday, 16 July 2017

A Hint of Autumn...

 When I woke this morning it was actually raining and I thought that it was going to be a lazy Sunday for me and the dogs. But, by the time I had got myself into gear and my first cup of tea the sun had broke through. Mind you, and it really pains me to say it but the first subtle signs of Autumn are starting to creep in. Last night it was gloaming at nine o'clock and I've noticed the birds are taking a bit longer to start their wake up call in the morning...sigh!
Took our usual walk on the Springside end of the country path and was surprised to see the rowans are already hanging with berries, not quite ripened but plenty of them, a sign of nature providing for the birds? Had my digital sketch book with me and got plenty of reference photos for inspiration at the easel. Also met this handsome big lad and yes he was as big as he looks in the photo, not tall but solid as a rock I wouldn't want to rub him up the wrong way.
Oh well think it might be time to put my feet up for tonight Countryfile, Fake or Fortune and then Poldark before bed. Thanks for looking :)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

BIG guy!!

Autumn?? we haven't even had a summer yet :/ (and that means I go back to uni soon :( lol)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Ha ha we had Summer today, I did say the change was subtle but it's definately getting darker earlier. Just wait they'll be advertising Christmas soon lol

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I'm actually shocked I haven't seen any xmas decorations yet

Elizabeth McCrindle said...


Phyllis said...

Hi Elizabeth:
Phyllis here from Youngstown, Ohio USA. I love your blog and the big role nature plays in your life. Your art and photography are outstanding; they reach out and command our attention.

I used to be like you, but an unfortunate disability keeps me housebound most days. Thankfully I took lots of photos when I could. It's fun now to look at them and my goal is to begin sketching the birds and other God's creatures who made their way through my camera lens.

Isn't it marvelous how when you spend a great deal of time outside you develop a keen awareness as to when a season changes? The subtle ways God tells us fall is coming by the birds eating berries, the way the sky changes colors, and the waining Queen Anne's Lace?

Even though we are far away from each other, we share this great gift called Nature and all it offers. I wish you continued success with your work and a beautiful fall filled with an abundance of subjects for your art...OH! Enjoy Poldark!

Warmest regards,

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Dear Phyllis,

Many thanks for your post I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog and have taken the time to let me know. I'm really lucky where I live as the countryside is virtually on my doorstep and find that no matter the weather or season it lifts my spirit. I feel a little sad that some of the old ways are being lost as more people seem to spend much of their time in front of a screen. Progress does have it's benefits as our paths most likely would never have crossed but, I wish it would progress slower and consider the consequences.
I hope you'll continue to enjoy your photography and get a lot of pleasure creating art from it. Though I'm sorry you aren't able to get out and about as much as you would like. Oh and Poldark season 3 has now finished and I'll have to wait another year before it returns. Would be lovely to visited Cornwall one day and its dramatic scenery.

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth x